Targets for Surface Units WR

Targets for Surface Units

HHA aircraft train naval crews against aerial threats by providing realistic simulation of attacking aircraft and anti ship missiles. All our aircraft are capable of creating jamming environments, deploying chaff and/or flares, and employing electronic threat emitters and can operate in any weather, day or night. Subject to configuration, HHA aircraft have the speed and endurance to be on task for up to 3 hours and the capability to provide five or more attack profiles at various heights and speeds up to 600knots.

Capable of high subsonic speeds at heights from SL to 48,000ft, the Hunter has the range and endurance to provide an agile target for land/sea based anti-air systems as well as operating in the Forward Air Control (FAC) environment.

It has a proven track record in these arenas being of a representative performance to achieve a wide spectrum of profiles against SAM, gun and associated search/tracking systems be they radar, IR or optical.