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Hawker Hunter Aviation Ltd (HHA) is a UK Military Aviation Authority (MAA) approved and regulated Defence Contractor Flying Organisation (DCFO) which owns, operates and maintains a multiple-platform fleet of UK military registered fast jets.

With over 20 years of operating experience, we have a proven track record of providing turnkey outsourced solutions to Government Agencies and Defence Contractors for the purpose of Trials Support, Aerial Threat Simulation and Mission Support Training.

In an environment where governments and contractors have to balance ever-spiralling defence costs with budgetary constraints, HHA’s service offerings provide cost effective and flexible turn-key solutions to ease the task and budgetary pressure on the defence community.

Founded in 2000 and based at RAF Leeming, HHA’s fully deployable jets are flown & maintained by Suitably Qualified and Experienced former RAF, RN & Test Pilot personnel familiar with both trials management and the latest NATO training, systems and operational requirements.

The HHA enabling Solution – sorties dedicated to the bespoke customer tasking cost effectively replicating the majority of the support profiles once accomplished within the Air Forces themselves ranging from all aerial combat training to trials support, photo chase and radar calibration.

HHA’s multiple platform fleet of fast jet military aircraft provides the capability to meet the majority of foreseeable trials and combat training demands. Should a requirement arise that cannot be covered by the performance envelope of the existing fleet, HHA’s suite of approvals enables it to either modify extant aircraft or source and certify more suitable platforms where appropriate.

Cost Effectiveness, Performance, Flexibility and Availability are the cornerstones of our business.