HHA has access to a pool of highly trained and experienced pilots who between them cover all disciplines of military and trials support flying including Flight Test.

All pilots are selected by the Chief Pilot and have to be approved by the Accountable Manager.

Because of the company’s requirement that aircraft are flown to the highest professional standards, pilots to be qualified and authorised as Commander of HHA aircraft must satisfy the following minimum requirements:

  • Minimum of 2,000 hours total flying, 1,500 hours First Pilot and 1,000 hours in a military fast jet.
  • Has been awarded a UK military pilots’ flying brevet, or recognised equivalent from a NATO or Commonwealth flying training system.
  • An RAF (or equivalent NATO) Flying Log Book assessment of ability of at least High Average, or equivalent.
  • Have current or previous experience for the tasking to be flown ( DACT, CAS, QFI’s, IRE’s, Formation leads, Fleet Support, Trials Support, etc).
  • Has completed one front line tour on a tactical fast jet squadron,
  • Is in general flying currency and has not been away from military flying for more than 3 years, AND has a valid UK military medical certificate for single pilot operations.
  • In addition, a Q qualification and / or a test pilot qualification is desirable.